Digitalisation in Maritime Industry

Digitalisation in Maritime Industry

Digitalization is Gaining Fast Ground

The maritime industry is rapidly advancing in digitalization and automation to boost competitiveness, enhance operational efficiency, and support decarbonization efforts.

To ensure sustainable and efficient operations and maintain competitiveness, maritime stakeholders must rethink and adapt their strategies. Embracing these digital solutions is essential for meeting both current and future demands in the evolving maritime landscape.

By leveraging digital technologies, the industry aims to achieve zero emissions from international shipping by mid-century. Data from sensors and other sources facilitate improved decision-making, monitoring, control, quality assurance, and verification.

Strategies for Maritime Industry Transformation

Integrated systems, tools, and connectivity:       

  • IT and system integration                       
  • Increased network and connectivity       
  • Automation, remote monitoring and control 
  • Data management and cyber security 
  • Data-collection, -sharing and -analysis 
  • Data standardisation (protocol)

Management, resources, and capabilities:                

  • Organisation redesign and talent review 
  • Centralization and function allocation 
  • Adaption of new operating methods 
  • Internal development and skill building 
  • Acquiring new talent through hiring 
  • Outsourcing functions to external companies

Technology and efficient solutions:  

  • Leveraging existing technology and solutions  
  • Automation and shifting to remote working 
  • Introducing new and novel technologies 
  • Common solutions across organisation 
  • Fuel consumption optimization 
  • Power-system optimization 
  • Waste-heat recovery, hybrid systems, etc.

Energy-efficient and enhanced performance: 

  • Environmentally friendly operation    
  • Energy management system (EnMS) 
  • Performance monitoring 
  • Reduced operational cost (OPEX) 
  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Reducing GHG emissions


Digitalisation in Maritime Industry 

The maritime industry’s shift towards digitalization and decarbonization requires the active contribution of all stakeholders to develop unified services and solutions. The complexity of new, specialised processes and vessels can be exacerbated by siloed operations and limited collaboration.

VEM Solutions aids this effort with its Machine Doctor tool, an advanced IoT solution that collects and analyses real-time data from various sources. By using Machine Doctor, companies can monitor equipment health, predict maintenance needs, and optimise operations through data-driven insights.  

Machine Doctor enhances decision-making, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, supporting the maritime industry's goals of efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Many organisations lack the resources and capabilities to fully utilise new technologies, making increased collaboration with specialised stakeholders essential.


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source: DNV Website
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