Answers to Your Questions

  • Where are the motors manufacture?

    All VEM motors manufacture in Germany.  Certificate of Origin is optional and chargeable.

  • What is ISPM 15?

    It is self explained from the link below:

    https://ISPM_15 explanation

  • Can you remove ISPM 15 from the quotation?

    ISPM 15 is needed for export requirements and it is chargeable.

  • Why must I send photo of nameplate for replacement motor?

    Photo of nameplate and final user name are required for verification.

  • Can I have datasheet and drawing for replacement motor?

    No.  We do not provide datasheet and drawing for replacement motor.

  • When can I receive the motors?

    The lead time is around 6 ~ 12 working weeks for standard motor.

  • Where can I download the catalogues?

    You can download from the link below:

  • I need the packing dimension and weight?

    Packing details will be available after completion of motor.  Estimate net weight will be available on offer.

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