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VEM Machine Doctor LTE

VEM Machine Doctor LTE


Machine Doctor wifi is a completely wireless battery-operated edge sensor that uses wifi routers to take data to the cloud for analysis. It measures 6 parameters in one i.e Vibration 3D, Acoustic Emission, Surface Temp, Humidity, True RPM & Magnetic Flux. Comes with Magnetic Mount, Stud Mount or Adhesives installation options.

Equipment Health Analysis
Predictive Maintenance
Battery Powered (5-8 Years)
installation with Magnet
IP-68 / FC IC,
ESim / Cellular / Wifi 2.4/5ghz / NbIoT / 4G / LTE True RPM Measurement
Measuring Vibration Tri-axial, Acoustic Emissions, Temperature, True RPM, Humidity, Magnetic Flux
Edge Processing & Analytics
Suitable for every machine brand
LV/MV and HV up to 13,8kV
DOL and VFD duty

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